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A serve begins every point in a game of tennis. The player who initiates the point is called the server, and receiving the ball is called the receiver. To serve, a player throws the ball into the air and hit it before it touches the ground, hitting the opponent's service area.

The server delivers the ball from behind the baseline. Your feet must remain outside the court until the ball is struck. In a first service game, the server is on the right side of the court and tries to hit the ball in the service area located diagonally with respect to the drawer. Two attempts are allowed for each service. If the ball first strikes any part of the court except the service area to commit a foul. A fault is also called if the ball is served into the net, or if it strikes the net before hitting the opponent's court leaving the service area. A "foot fault" is called if the server's foot enters the court before service is completed. After one fault a server may serve again. If in both attempts result in faults, a double foul is called, and the opponent wins the point. If the server's ball touches the net and then fall into the diagonally opposite service area, called "let", and the server may serve again. A valid service that is not countered by the opponent is called "ace".

After the first point has been played, the service is done on the left side of the court. Each point should switch the side of service until the game ends. The opponent pulls in the next game, and the alternation of serve continues. In doubles, service alternates between the teams and players also.

After a successful serve the ball is hit back and forth until one player or fails to return. A hit is unsuccessful when a player lets the ball bounce twice in their court, hits the net, or hits outside the opponent's game. If the ball hits the line of the court, is considered in play. If, after hitting the net, the ball lands outside the opponent's court, it was gone. If the ball lands on the court is in play. When a shot is successful, the opponent receives a point.