Sustainability is achieved through Sustainable Development, which meets the present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It involves harmoniously addressing social, economic, and environmental requirements in a sensible and responsible manner towards the environment and society.

With an increasingly responsible approach to its actions towards society and the environment, Pousada Quinta dos Pinhais, with a total area of 25.0 hectares, including 2.4 hectares of Private Natural Heritage Reserve (RPPN) and 1.0 hectare of Permanent Preservation Area (APP), located within the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of the municipality of Santo Antônio do Pinhal, adopts corporate sustainability following the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) route. This involves environmental, social, and governance initiatives based on a set of strategies and actions taken to ensure that the business activities have more positive impacts on the environment and its surroundings, making it socially fair, conscious, inclusive, and also more responsible and transparent in decision-making.

Through sustainable actions and environmental projects, our goal is to integrate the company, its internal and external collaborators, and especially the guest with nature. Thus, we aim to influence sustainable behaviors through awareness, environmental preservation, and conservation.

Luiz Fernando da Silva Martins

Environmental Projects

– Solid Waste Management
– Hazardous Waste Management
– Composting
– Vermicomposting
– Manure and Biofertilizer Production
– Birdwatching
– Homemade Soap Production
– Interpretative Trails
– Forest Inventory
– Lichens
– Secret World of Wild Mushrooms
– Native Bees
– “Little Ones and Nature” Projects
– Support for the Film “Eu Maior”