A forest inventory involves listing all plant species existing in a particular area. The identification of species in a community and the analysis of its structure are essential for proper management. Currently, floristic description is considered a crucial condition for establishing phytogeographic divisions, and the available data on Brazilian forests are still limited.

To understand the biodiversity of flora, a forest inventory was conducted at the Inn with the aim of creating a list of the main occurring species to establish a database supporting the management plan. Initially, this qualitative survey was carried out in an area of approximately 8,000 m2, where the predominant vegetation is Atlantic Forest in a successional stage of natural secondary vegetation. This area includes the surroundings of the Reception, Bistro, “Mata Atlântica” SPA, and the fifteen chalets. All living tree individuals with a circumference at breast height (CBH) ≥ 0.14 m were recorded. Vegetative and reproductive material was observed and collected.

A total of 45 taxa were identified, belonging to 31 families. The most representative were Myrtaceae (5), Melastomataceae (4), Fabaceae (3), followed by Urticaceae, Bignoniaceae, Salicaceae, Euphorbiaceae, and Rutaceae (2).

List of species found in the social area and chalets of Quinta dos Pinhais Inn.