1 – Recycling and composting manufacturing

Environmental education activities with the employees to provide conditions for better participation in the defense of the quality of life and environment. The objective is to make recycling of organic material, tin, glass and paper and create a healthy habit of protecting the environment where we live.
The organic waste is separated, crushed and made compost for use as fertilizer in our orchard and gardens. Paper, cans and glsdd are properly directed to municipal recycling.

2 – Manufacture of homemade soap

Creating a culture of reusing leftover products used at the inn for incomes to the employees and awareness of damage to the environment.
The proposed guides not only the Environmental Protection, but also improving the quality of life in our community who can with the manufacture of homemade soap with leftover cooking oil to get an extra income.

3 – Disposal of hazardous waste

Collection, separation, proper disposal for destruction of batteries and bulbs used by the inn.

4 – Projects students and nature

The Pousada Quinta dos Pinhais that has being doing since with your employees a program of recycling, composting and energy control and composting and various other actions to protect the environment now comes with a project developed between the Pousada Quinta dos Pinhais and Secretary of Education to hold workshops on environmental education in their property, with the children and residents of the district Sertãozinho.

The idea of the project is to promote environmental education among children and adolescents living in the neighborhood to provide conditions for greater participation in the defense of the quality of life and environment. Present nature with its beauties, curiosities and weaknesses. Show positive and negative sides of human action and enhance the preservation .

To increase knowledge of children about environmental issues and their local and global problems. To promote critical thinking about environmental issues and quality of life. Encourage participants to exercise citizenship and adoption of attitudes to preservation, conservation and environmental contribution also to alert the community and create a healthy habit of protecting the environment where we live.

Themes of the workshops:

  • Fresh water, its cycle, its importance and the consequences of their pollution;
  • The Brazilian biomes, deforestation, people who take care of plants and animals;
  • Trash, where? And where are you?;
  • Importance of recycling;
  • Major diseases related to the Environment and its prevention;
  • Importance of sanitation and hygiene;
  • Quality of life and factors that interfere;
  • What can we do for quality of life?

Add to workshop participants, more knowledge about environmental issues that result in greater awareness of its importance and therefore changes in attitudes towards the environment, its functioning, and sustainability issues. Also, to reach families and neighborhood residents through spread of knowledge by the participants (children, teachers, cooks) project, the dissemination of information leading to an increasing number of people.

5 – Supporters

The Pousada Quinta dos Pinhais was proud to support the film Eu Maior, a movie about self-knowledge and the pursuit of happiness, directed and produced by Fernando Schultz,Paulo Schultz,Marco Schultz, André Melman and Felipe Cordeiro.

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